Protecting our 501(c)3 non-profit status is of primary concern to the Alaska Rush Soccer Club. Alaska Rush is a charitable and educational organization that must adhere to its By-Laws and Mission statement. Our elected Board of Directors is ultimately liable for the actions of its members and it is important that the Board maintains control over all fundraising activities.

The team must identify its fundraising activities to the Board of Directors who reserves the right to approve or disapprove any activities. Every player on the team must be given every opportunity to participate in each fundraising activity. Products sold must be of high quality. Pre-approved products include Bell’s Nursery flowers and plants, and Holiday Greens. Events include the MS Walk and recruiting business sponsorships.

Alaska Rush Soccer Club is a non-profit corporation; funds raised are not subject to taxation if they follow proper procedure. It is crucial that individuals and teams follow procedure scrupulously. All players must be current in their USYS registration. When fundraising, players must identify themselves and the Alaska Rush Soccer Club. All funds raised by an Alaska Rush Club player belong to the team and the Club, not the individual player. If a player leaves the Club for any reason, he or she will not be “refunded” any fundraising money.

When product sales involve door-to-door sales, the player must be accompanied by an adult at all times. The player must identify him or herself as an Alaska Rush player and the purpose for which he/she is raising funds. He/she should provide a receipt with the Alaska Rush 501(c)3 Tax ID number to the customer. The receipt should state that all funds raised belong to the team or club and not the individual player. All products sold directly or by pre-order at a parent’s place of business should have equally clear documentation.

When a person makes arrangements to sell a product directly or by pre-order at a public place such as a grocery store or shopping mall or to perform a service such as washing cars or sweeping parking lots, further guidelines must be followed. When selling or serving at a public place a player represents the Alaska Rush organization and the public assumes funds raised will benefit at least an entire team, not an individual player. The place of business must be furnished with Alaska Rush Tax ID number and a copy of the current Liability Insurance form (both of these are found in the Alaska Rush Policies & Procedures handbook issued to each team manager, team treasurer and coach). You are essentially telling the business that your sales go to a non-profit corporation. In this spirit, you should reinforce this impression by including your entire team. Other youth non-profits, like Girl Scouts or Boy Scouts, are well known by the public who trust and understand that their purchases benefit a large number of youth. Alaska Rush must be careful that their public sales benefit a large number of youth in order to maintain non-profit status. Since sales are under the auspices of the Alaska Rush nonprofit corporation, all profits belong to the team and the club, not the individual player. All players on the team should be given equal opportunity to participate in the sale since the proceeds will go into the team fund.

The team manager or coach must maintain oversight of all fundraising opportunities to make sure they do not jeopardize our non-profit status and to make sure that all players are given equal opportunity to participate. The team treasurer must process funds raised and issue receipts for individual donations of $250 or more. Gross receipts and fundraising expenses must be reported directly to the team treasurer who will furnish the information to the club accountant. This information is necessary for the Club’s federal tax reporting.

To comply with IRS directive, Alaska Rush Soccer Club no longer permits teams to give individual credit towards player balances for the amount of money that the individual raised or worked. Instead of utilizing individual fundraising accounts, teams should fund-raise for the group as a whole to benefit the group, not a specific individual.

Travel costs are a huge expense. Remember that the team is an entity in itself so travel expenses are a team expense not an individual expense. Team travel expenses include the cost of hotel, airfare, meals, coach expenses and chaperone expenses. Fundraising activities may pay for team travel. Travel costs or a portion of travel costs may be divided as you would any other team expense and assessed to the individual after you apply fundraising money to the total cost of team travel.

What if a player will not travel with the team? What do you do about fundraising monies for the player who participates in team fundraisers but who will not “benefit” from the money because he or she is not traveling? You must clearly state how fundraising money will be used for your team before you initiate the fundraising activity. Remember to include all team expenses besides team travel as a goal for fundraisers. Team money may not benefit the individual so you can not credit a player with a “fair share” of team funds even if he/she will not travel.


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