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A Word From...Director of Coaching Girls


A Word From... is a new series of monthly articles from Alaska Rush Soccer Club's Techinical Director and Directors of Coaching. Each week, a different Director will submit an article pertaining to Alaska Rush, Rush Soccer or even world football in general. It's an opportunity for our readership to gain more insight on the sport and understand further what Alaska Rush Soccer Club is about and what Rush Soccer offers it's Members. 

A Word From... Director of Coaching Girls

Firstly, all Rush coaches should know is the topic of the session tailored to the skill level of the players?  If the players are not effectively able to complete an exercise or are not achieving success, is it really benefiting or helping the player improve? Don’t misinterpret what I’m saying, football should be challenging. But if players don’t have a realistic chance of actually accomplishing the goals of the exercise, will they ever feel like they succeeded?When training a team, individual players or goalkeepers there are a lot of aspects we need to keep in mind. One of the most important things to think about is exactly that, the mind. The mindset of the player is as important, if not more, than many other aspect that players, coaches and parents see when observing a training session or spectating a game. As a coach, I want to emphasize two points in particular related to how our athletes are challenged.

Secondly, all Rush coaches should know the difference between challenging athletes for the sake of challenging them and making them work to improve to become better players. I believe it is important that we push our players to improve; otherwise, they will never really strive to become better, the pinnacle of their athletic ability. If the exercises we set up aren’t challenging our players or teams, are they being prepared properly to work hard when they really need to, like in a game?

Anyone familiar with Rush Soccer is familiar with the Rush Way, and in particular 6-3-1. This figure represents what a team’s record should be over a ten-game period and test if they are improving to meet their maximum potential.  They should have six wins, three loses and one tie. This insures that all teams are progressing and constantly improving. Players experience wins to help boost their confidence as well as defeats, which can be learnable moments.  Fundamentally, if a team is 10-0-0 they are not being challenged, on the other hand if there are 0-10-0 they are going to mentally get beat down.

With Alaska Rush, I try to apply this same philosophy to my training. Whether it applies to training a team, individual players or even goalkeepers, I want to challenge them to the point where they constantly are working hard to improve while at the same time ensuring they are achieving their goals.

With the application of the Rush Way, Alaska Rush is meeting its commitment of becoming the best club in Alaska.

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