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Elite Programs - PT4U



PT4U is Alaska Rush’s premier strength & conditioning program for Youth, Junior, and Senior soccer players in Anchorage, Alaska. Competitive players within Alaska Rush can advantage of this program as can players registered with other clubs, those taking a break from soccer for a season, and even individuals who aren't signed to a club at all. PT4U is for everyone!!

The Mission of PT4U:
PT4U (Performance Training 4 U) is Anchorage's premier strength & conditioning program for the modern, competitive soccer player. Through our commitment to excellence, PT4U aims to improve sport performance by incorporating an age-appropriate training curriculum into the seasonal soccer schedule. Focusing on the needs based analysis of soccer athletes and from a biomechanical standpoint, the curriculum will include the following training components: speed, strength, power/explosiveness, balance, flexibility, agility, injury prevention, posture, and body awareness. PT4U is about giving players the added tools to take their game to the next level and be the #1 player on the pitch!


AGES: PT4U Training is specifically designed for youth soccer players aged U10 - U19.

(All sessions will be held on Saturdays at the Fox Hollow Dome between October and mid-May and at Lloyd Steele Park between mid-May and September, unless otherwise noted)
Class I:
  9:00 am - 10:00 am
  (Limited to 8 enrollments)

For more information on each age-specific Strength & Conditioning session, please visit here.

Alaska Rush Soccer Club staff will notify all Members of any changes to the schedule.

Please Note: PT4U Training will take hiatus from its twelve-month co-ed program during the scheduled weekend of the Alaska Airlines Cup, Alaska Youth Soccer State Cup, and the Saturdays after both the Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

Players are strongly encouraged to participate in continuous sessions within PT4U curriculum in order to get the full benefit of the training program. A Member’s class roster enrollment will be reserved for 45-day period should he/she wish to take a break from the class (upon written notice from the member or member’s parents).

Also, Members are encouraged to wear running shoes or other appropriate flat shoes for PT4U.

PT4U Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach: Cari Gill

COST — Annual Membership and Monthly Fee:
Strength & Conditioning Membership: $75 annual fee per player
PT4U Monthly Fee: $50 (4 training sessions per month)
PT4U Membership is required to participate in Alaska Rush's premier strength & conditioning program for Youth, Junior, and Senior soccer players. This fee is non-negotiable and must be paid in full before participation in PT4U begins.
Strength & Conditioning Membership includes:
  • Access to top-quality coaching/training through PT4U
  • An official PT4U Kit (Socks, Shorts & Shirt)
  • Exclusive use of all equipment

Please Note: For families of the Alaska Rush community with at least two children enrolled in PT4U or any Elite Program, each additional child registering thereafter will receive a 50% discount on their Strength & Conditioning Membership and $30 off the Monthly Fee of a third Elite Program.

For individual Members of the Alaska Rush community registered in PT4U and at least two additional Elite Programs, said Member will receive a 50% discount on their third Training Membership and $30 off the Monthly Fee of a third Elite Program.

Refund Policy:
After a member has been registered in PT4U, no refunds will be issued. Alaska Rush Soccer Club incur costs whether or not a player finishes the program.


Please contact the Alaska Rush Soccer Club office at 907-561-RUSH or e-mail Technical Director This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with any questions about PT4U.


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