Fairbanks Rush 2016-2017 Fee Structure

Fairbanks Rush, a part of Alaska Rush Soccer Club, is committed to offering its Members every opportunity to play soccer in a safe and enjoyable environment.  Our goal is to provide the best coaching, the best programs, and the best facilities possible in order to develop the best players and teams, and therefore the best club, within the State of Alaska.

The Fairbanks Rush 2016-2017 Fee Structure is broken up into two parts: Annual Club Membership and Seasonal Club Fee. 
Below is a breakdown of the various benefits of both:


$115 /year/player

  • The Annual Fee is due in the Fall season when 2016-2017 Soccer year begins. Prorated fee will be given if player joins after the Fall season.
  • Open to anyone within the Alaska Soccer Community, not just Alaska Rush-Fairbanks Players.
  • Members choosing to take a session off can still take advantage of these programs at no additional cost. Payment due when they register.

Breakdown of various benefits of Annual Club Membership:
USYS and Rush Affiliation Fee, College Advisory Program, Club Admin, Coaching Directors, Staff Coaching, USYS Liability Insurance
Additional programs and services may be offered at per-service rates.


$160 / session

  • Combination of Club and Facility Fees for Fall (Sep-Dec), Winter (Jan-Apr), and Summer (May-Aug) sessions
  • Excludes Team Fees, which may include Coaching Fees, Game and Training Kits, Travel Expenses, League Fees, Tournament Fees, and any other costs specifically associated with the team.

Alaska Rush is also offering other opportunities for Members to reduce costs:

Sibling Discount:
Alaska Rush Soccer Club will offer a discount of $50 off a Member’s Season Club Fee per season for any additional siblings joining the Club’s Competitive Branch. For example, if a family has two kids playing competitive soccer for Alaska Rush, they will receive a $50 discount. And with 3 kids a $100 discount, and so on.

Late Fees:
Please note, if payment of the Season Club Fee is late, the offending party will be charged a $50 Late Fee and the “no pay, no play” policy will be strictly enacted and enforced. There is also the option to set-up a Payment Plan for an additional $25 per Member.

Season Club Fee due dates are October 1, 2016 (Fall), January 5, 2017 (Winter) and May 5, 2017 (Summer).

If you have further questions please contact Technical Director: Eli Ulvi at


PO Box 111874 
Anchorage, Alaska 99511

Phone : 907-561-7874

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